Uummannaq Seasafaris Guesthouse

From starting of May 2016 we will also have a newly renovated apartment with 3 rooms with 4 star view into the Uummannaq Fjord and Nuussuaq peninsula in a calm surroundings.

The apartment have 1 doubleroom and 2 singlerooms. It has modern kitchen so our guest can cook there own dinner. There is a fully furnitured livingroom with TV, a washingmachine, a bathroom and toilet.


Single room:  700,- DKK

Double room:  1.000,- DKK

Rent all 3 rooms:  2.000,- DKK


And below the page there are some of the accommodation options you can contact, if you looking for other possibilities we can also contact someone who can take care of your staying in Uummannaq.

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Where to eat in Uummannaq


www.cafemma.gl – Café

Aqqusinersuaq B – 799

3961 Uummannaq

Tel: +299 951106


Uummannami Timersortarfik – Gem and Café

Aqqusinertaaq B – 905

3961 Uummannaq

Tel: +299 951080




Tel:  +299 951106 / 951340

Mob:  +299 583300

Email:  fastfood@greennet.gl

Web:  www.cafemma.gl



Frits Overballe

Tel:  +299 951182

Mob:  +299 549435 / +299 549170

Email:  frits@greennet.gl