Are you looking for a local tour operator in Uummannaq?

We are a micro shipping company owned by Paaluk Kreutzmann and Svend Løvstrøm. We have been sailing out coming guests and companies since 2015. Now we have 2 boats and we are also starting to organize winter activity like dogsledding, ice fishing, snowmobile tours and Northern Light tours. Uummannaq Seasafaris have experienced outfitters and guides, so you will have unforgettable memories when you experience Uummannaq with us. If you need a boat for; tourism, science team, climate research, film crew, photographers, cargo or passengers, Search and Rescue or for another purpose, we have the right boats and crew for you. With more than 45 years of experience together at sea in west coast Greenland, especially in Uummannaq area we are ready to give the best and most safely sailing around Uummannaq region. We will taking care of you before the arrival until you leave Uummannaq, professional services. Uummannaq Seasafaris is authentic that both owners are growing up and life’s in Greenland. We know the history of Greenland, know our own country seen from Greenlandic eyes.

We invite all welcome to our company who might be needing a safe passenger boat, guided tours, winter activities or other services.

We are local tour operators and we can give information about Uummannaq or if you need local tour operators from the rest of Greenland, we will give you contact informations. We know colleagues in North of Greenland, Middle of Greenland, South Greenland and in East of Greenland. We speak 3 languages. Greenlandic, Danish and English.

Our Boat “Evona” XPG 5045

Uummannaq Seasafaris boat is a custom made Targa 25.1. It is adapted and reinforced to the conditions with very icy waters. The boat is built in 2015 just for Uummannaq Seasafaris ApS.

Boat dimensions

  • Length: 7.68 meters
  • Beam: 2.88 meters
  • Draught: 1.05 meters
  • Weight app: 3400 kg
  • Engine: 330 HP Volvo Penta D6
  • Speed: 33 – 36 Knots
  • Service speed: 25 Knots
  • Passengers: 6 pax