You can find some inspirations and informations about Greenland and Uummannaq with these links. – Here you can find some inspirations and information about Greenland. – How to get around in Greenland. – A new Greenlandic airline. They fly out from Billund(Denmark) either to Kangerlussuaq or Narsarsuaq. – A new Greenlandic airline. The website is not ready yet, but you can check there facebook site. – You can fly to Greenland with Air Iceland. Including Reykjavik to Ilulissat. – Arctic Umiaq Line A/S provides passenger services with a ship at the Greenlandic coast – Information about Qaasuitsup Municipality. – Tour provider in Ilulissat. – Tour provider in Nuuk. – Travel agency. – Children’s Home in Uummannaq. Greenland’s oldest Children’s Home. – About movie Inuk, Uummannaq Polar Books, Exhipitions. – One of my good friend’s from France website about the expedition from France to Northern Greenland by sail boat and spent a winter in Uummannaq area.

This is the movie about Uummannaq area and preparing for wintering in Greenland by Under The Pole Team.