Charter Uummannaq Seasafaris boat

Are you looking for a safe boat it can transport your crew and equipment? Or maybe you just need a safe boat to transport you from A to B, please be freely to contact us and we will look at your plans with you. You can book our boat for 10 hours starting point in Uummannaq and ends in Uummannaq. If you have another job with different duration or a location in other town, please be freely to contact us or send an email.

Homeport for our boat is Uummannaq. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t sail to another town. Our boat is approved to sail 2000 km in Greenland west coast.



Starting price (incl. 2 hours sailing):  3.800 DKK

Following hours:  1.900 DKK

Extra charge for ASAP charter:  3.000 DKK

Extra charge per.hour for sailing between (18.00 – 08.00):  500 DKK


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