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Sightseeing in Uummannaq

From: 200,00 DKK

We will visit the museum and the granite church, walk around Uummannaq’s hilly streets and paths between the colourful houses. We will walking by preserved earthen huts and old houses where you will learn about how Inuit lived at that time. We will walk to the highest point in the town with a view out towards Uummannaq Fjord and the peaks of the Nuussuaq peninsula in the background.


Estimated:  2 hours

Maximum participants:  20 pax

Season:  All year

Price adult:  200 DKK

Price child:  100 DKK

Price includes:  Guide, visit to museum

Difficulty:  Easy

Snowmobile winter wonderland safari

From: 700,00 DKK

Here you have an opportunity to drive long distances and taking pictures of surroundings with the winter landscape. We will start driving towards the fjord passing by those frozen icebergs where we can stop for taking pictures along the way. On the way to the village you can see fishermen who are either going to their fishing spots or on the way home with the days catch. There will be a time to say hello to one of the fisherman and see what they have catch. Within 1 hour we can reach the village Saattut, here we can hike through the village and see how the locals use their time during the winter. We will have time to get warm where we visit one of the locals home. There are approx. 22 km from Uummannaq to Saattut.

You can also choose another settlement like Ikerasak, located about 45 km southeast of Uummannaq. About 1h 30min driving.


Estimated: Up to 8 hours

Minimum participants: 1 person

Maximum participants: 4 persons

Season: February – April

Price: 700,- DKK per.hour

Price includes: Transport, guide, visit at the village, coffee and tea

Difficulty: Easy

Uummannaq 360º

From: 600,00 DKK

Here you have a opportunity to sail around the famous Uummannaq mountain. Uummannaq means “heart – like” with 1175 meters heart shaped mountain that lies just behind the town. The story says when you have visit Uummannaq a piece of your heart remains on the island, calling you back for the rest of your days. You can take a photo by boat of the heard shaped mountain and if we are lucky we can see some whales or other sea mammals like seals.


Estimated: 2 hours

Participants: Minimum 2 persons

Season: June – October

Price includes: Coffee/tea and a guide

Difficulty: Easy


Visiting Qilakitsoq

From: 550,00 DKK

The place we have to visit is an old Inuit settlement across the fjord on the Nuussuaq peninsula. In 1972 there have been found will preserved mummies, which is dated to 500 years. The famous 8 mummies has provided a great deal of information on how the Inuit lived and what their clothing looked like. It is still possible to see some of the old graves, but please remember that you are visiting an old graveyard and that is strictly prohibited to remove any relict from the area. The original mummies can be seen in the National Museum of Greenland in Nuuk and Uummannaq museum has a very good exhibition of the mummies, including copies of their clothing.


Estimated: 1½ hour

Maximum participants: 6 persons

Season: June – October

Price includes: Coffee / Tea and a guide

Difficulty: Easy

Whalesafari in Uummannaq

From: 1.250,00 DKK

Sailing in Uummannaq Fjords is a very good chance to see Fin whales, Humback whales, Minke whales, Pilot whales and other sea mammals. It is a great experience to op close these whales. Wether this is your first or tenth whale safari tour, seeing such a magnificent creature right before your eyes can be overwhelming.


Estimated: 4 hours

Maximum participants: 6 persons

Season: June – October

Price includes: Coffee/tea and a guide

Difficulty: Easy