Visiting Qilakitsoq

From: 650,00 kr.

The place we have to visit is an old Inuit settlement across the fjord on the Nuussuaq peninsula. In 1972 there have been found will preserved mummies, which is dated to 500 years. The famous 8 mummies has provided a great deal of information on how the Inuit lived and what their clothing looked like. It is still possible to see some of the old graves, but please remember that you are visiting an old graveyard and that is strictly prohibited to remove any relict from the area. The original mummies can be seen in the National Museum of Greenland in Nuuk and Uummannaq museum has a very good exhibition of the mummies, including copies of their clothing.


Estimated: 1½ hour

Maximum participants: 6 persons

Season: June – October

Price includes: Coffee / Tea and a guide

Difficulty: Easy