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From: 2.050,00 kr.

This is very unforgettable experience in a life time! And this kind of a tour is only can happen in Uummannaq. Here you have a opportunity to see whale and a muskox in one tour. We will start sailing north toward Umiivik approx. 126 km’s from Uummannaq and on the way you have a big chance to see Fin whales, Minke whales, Humback whales and other sea mammals. After we have sailed approx. 3 hours we will arrive to Umiivik and if we are lucky we can already see muskox before we are at the coast of Umiivik. After couple hours in Umiivik we will sailing back to Uummannaq.


Estimated: 8 hours

Maximum participants: 6 pax

Season: June – October

Price includes: Coffee/tea, sandwich and a guide

Difficulty: Easy